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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Coffee Soda

A new drink.

Javapop is a new USDA certified organic beverage that combines the bubbly deliciousness of soda with the adult flavor of coffee. Using only organic fair trade beans and organic ingredients, Javapop is a true diversion from both Coke and Starbucks. Unlike sodas, which are filled with high-fructose corn syrup, Javapop only uses natural, unrefined sweeteners that are better for the earth and your blood sugar levels. Unlike other convenience store coffee products, Javapop shuns sweatshop beans purchased at unfair trade prices.

Javapop sounds like a good idea -- I'm all for adding carbonation to everything from wine to juice -- but part of me is skeptical of he coffee part of the soda. While high-fructose corn syrup should not be an every day indulgence, I have to admit, nothing beats a cold Coca-Cola on a hot day.
I think I'll stick to the Diet Sprites I been drinking since coming home from the hospital.

Hat tip- Steven Taylor at Poliblog who said he won't drink the stuff either.
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