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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Climb every mountain

From UPI-

BEIJING, April 26 (UPI) -- China announced the Olympic Torch route Thursday, angering Taiwan and activists seeking Tibetan independence.
The route the torch is to take to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics includes the summit of Mount Everest, which lies on the border between Tibet and Nepal. The torch is also to travel from Vietnam to Taiwan and then on to Hong Kong, The Times of London reported.

The route emphasizes that China considers Taiwan part of its territory. Taiwanese officials argue that the torch should not go to China immediately after passing through the island.

Earlier this week, four people were arrested after a protest at Everest Base Camp against having the torch pass through Tibet. The demonstration was organized by Students for a Free Tibet, The Telegraph reported.

"The Chinese government hopes to use the 2008 Olympic Games to conceal the brutality of its occupation," said the group's director, Lhadon Tethong.

There are two main parts of the 2008 Olympic torch run. One part is more international and the other domestic to China. Areas that don't considered themselves part of China want to be included in the international run but China's announced route has them on the domestic leg.
Better take some lighter fluid or matches for the top of Everest. It does get windy up there.(Sarcastic laughter time)

Beijing and Taipei can't even play nice over the Olympic games. I guess some things are too much to ask for.

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