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Monday, March 19, 2007

No license, No sense

From the Seattle Times-

Former Congressman Rick White, one of the three men whose names reportedly have been submitted as candidates for U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, is not authorized to practice law in Washington.

White's license was suspended by the state Supreme Court in August 2003 for failing to pay his bar dues. He was reinstated to the bar in 2005 after paying a small fee, but currently holds an "inactive" status.

That means he can not practice law in Washington until he pays his full bar dues, about $390, and demonstrates that he is current on required Continuing Legal Education classes, said Washington State Bar spokeswoman Judy Berrett.

Berrett said the suspension is "non-disciplinary" and that White has never been publicly disciplined by the Bar since he was first admitted in 1983.

Without an active bar license, White cannot practice law in state courts. To appear in federal court — where virtually all of the U.S. attorney's cases are heard — White will have to submit an application, be approved by a federal judge, and have a local attorney sponsor him, said Janet Bubnis, the chief deputy clerk in the U.S. District Court for Western Washington.
The US Attorney firings is now looking like the theater of the absurd. I mean, wouldn't you check if someone was licensed to practice law before considering them for a job?

The US Attorney General Gonzales is looking more like a Knucklehead every day.

Hat tip- Steven Taylor at Poliblog who says this story has a certain Keystone Cops to it.
James Joyner and Captain Ed are also discussing recent news on the Carol Lam firing. That firing is looking more questionable with every passing day.
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