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Monday, March 19, 2007

Like mother like son

From the Tampa Tribune-

TAMPA - The mother of a Cannella Elementary student was jailed Friday after throwing a cursing fit in her son’s classroom and threatening the principal, according to an arrest report.

Edna Rose Manchame, 31, was charged with assault on a school employee and disturbing a school function – both misdemeanors. She remained at Orient Road Jail late Friday; bail was set at $750.

Hillsborough County Deputy David Patterson wrote in the arrest report that Manchame was upset because she’d been called to school at 10707 Nixon Road “to pick up her disruptive child.”

“She stormed into her son’s class and began yelling and cursing,” Patterson wrote. She “began throwing books and other school items on the floor.”

The teacher hit a panic button and Manchame took her son to the school’s main office, where she cursed the staff and banged on the counter, Patterson said. The school went into lock down after she allegedly threatened the principal and moved to attack but was restrained by her husband, he said.
Looks like the son took lessons from Mom. Can both be sent to detention?

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