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Monday, March 26, 2007


The Washington Post is reporting the following.

Immigrants are emerging as among the first victims of a growing wave of home foreclosures in the Washington area as mortgage lending problems multiply locally and across the country.

Nationally, 375,000 high-interest-rate loans were made to Hispanics in 2005, and nearly 73,000 of them are likely to go into foreclosure, said Aracely Panameno, director of Latino affairs for the Center for Responsible Lending. About 1.1 million homes in the United States are expected to go into foreclosure in the next six years, and many native-born Americans are likely to be stuck with burdensome loans. But immigrants are getting hit first in part because their incomes tend to be lower and many have lost construction jobs.

Michelle Malkin is saying the word illegal is missing from the story. Implying its illegal aliens that are being foreclosed on.

A closer examination of the WAPO story uses the example of two families who face foreclosure.

Nahid Azimi, who immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan 22 years ago, recently stood in the upstairs hallway of her home in Loudoun County, silently sobbing as she removed the last of her personal items from the $410,000 townhouse in South Riding she bought with pride last summer. She said she was persuaded to buy the house by an Afghan real estate agent she considered a friend and by an Afghan mortgage broker who promised to get her a good loan.

Instead, Azimi, a cashier at Giant who makes $2,400 a month, found herself strapped into a no-down-payment loan with payments of $3,800 a month.


"I can't do it anymore," said Azimi, 44, a U.S. citizen. "I cannot afford it, and I don't want them to come one day and put my stuff on the street."

Note Mr. Azimi is a US citizen, not an illegal immigrant. Also how does a home loan get made to someone who can't meet the payment based on their current income? Something tells me there was some kind of fraud involved.

Here is the second immigrant story mentioned in the Post article.

Francisco Santos, 31, who lays tile, makes $60,000 a year by working seven days a week. He became convinced that real estate was a can't-lose proposition after the value of the townhouse he had bought in Woodbridge in 2002 for $95,000 climbed to $230,000. He and his wife, Linda, a homemaker, traded up to another house and banked part of their profits. The Spanish-speaking real estate agents with whom he negotiated the purchase persuaded him to borrow against his equity to move up again.


"I feel terrible," said Santos, a legal immigrant.

Neither are illegal alien stories. So is there really a word missing? Unless we assume all hispanics are illegals or take this little snippet as proof of what Michelle is asserting.

Another was an illiterate carpenter who bought a $750,000 house in Ashburn Village, Semidey said.
Illiterates come in all types, immigrant and non-immigrant.

The Post may not be telling the whole side of the story but Michelle is drawing assertions that no basis in what was written. She supplies no proof for that 'missing word', just links to past posts of hers that disprove nothing in the Post article. Disinformation too often goes both ways in the immigration debate.

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