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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Signs of life

According to Reuters, Fidel Castro did his first live radio broadcast yesterday since having surgery last year.

Sounding much healthier and more lucid than he has in taped video clips released during his convalescence, Castro laughed frequently in a half-hour chat with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that was marked by boyish humor.

"I am gaining ground. I feel I have more energy, more strength, more time to study," he said on his top ally's nightly call-in radio show, which was later played on Cuban state television.

"I have become a student again," Castro added with a chuckle.

His guest appearance came as a surprise to listeners. Chavez said his energy minister was on the line but the 80-year-old Cuban's voice broke in: "Listen, my distinguished and dear friend, how are you?"

"Goodness, it's Fidel," Chavez replied.

Then the two icons of Latin America's left, who pride themselves on their anti-Americanism, exchanged pleasantries -- in English.

"Fidel, how are you?" Chavez said with a heavy accent.

"Very well," Castro replied as they both laughed.

Castro later commented on the fall of world stock markets on Tuesday, the worst in years, and said it was proof of his view that capitalism was in crisis.
I always felt if Castro died, a state funeral would occur. The Cuban immigrant community will just have to keep waiting for that day. Which if I were betting, is not that far off. 2008 is my guess.

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