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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Co-Knucklehead of the Day award Part One

Today's first winner is Fredrick Holyfield. He gets the award for the following.

A man who hailed a cab for a ride to the racetrack took a detour that landed him behind bars.

Fredrick Holyfield, 39, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after he robbed a Fort Lauderdale bank, said Detective Kathy Collins, a police spokeswoman.

As his Yellow Cab driver waited outside the RBC Centura Bank, 100 N. Federal Hwy., Holyfield walked up to a teller and handed her a note demanding money, Collins said.

''The teller realized it was a robbery and handed over the money,'' said Collins, adding that a few thousand dollars was taken.

Included in the batch of stolen cash was a stack of $20 bills that contained a dye pack.

As soon as Holyfield walked out of the bank, the dye pack exploded -- leaving red dye all over the man's pants.

The cab driver, realizing that something was wrong, refused to drive Holyfield.

Holyfield ran off, leaving some of the stolen cash in the car.

But he returned soon after to retrieve the money he'd left.

By then, police had arrived and arrested him a block away from the bank.

LOL, Fredrick Holyfield isn't just dumb, he is today's first Knucklehead of the Day.

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