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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Co-Knucklehead of the Day award Part One

Today's first winners are Kansas City(MO) police officers Kevin Schnell and Melody Spencer. They get the award for the following.

Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin on Thursday suspended two officers who ignored a pregnant and bleeding woman’s pleas for medical help during an arrest last year.

He called the officers’ behavior “inconsistent with the values and policies of this department and inconsistent with the training they received in the police academy.”

The Feb. 5, 2006, traffic stop became national news this week after The Kansas City Star obtained and released Tuesday a patrol-car video of the event.

Sofia Salva, who was nearly four months pregnant, spent 10 hours in police custody after the traffic stop. After her release, she delivered a premature baby at a hospital.

The baby lived for one minute before dying, according to a personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit Salva filed last week against the officers and the department.

The video outraged many people locally and across the country. Officer Darin Snapp, a department spokesman, said the media office received offensive e-mails and more than 100 calls. Angry calls also flooded into the Office of Community Complaints and the Internal Affairs Unit.

Corwin read a prepared statement to reporters Thursday, his first day back in Kansas City after attending a conference. Because of the pending litigation, he did not answer questions, including why he didn’t take action against the officers earlier.

The arresting officers, Kevin Schnell and Melody Spencer, will remain on paid leave until the end of an internal investigation, he said.

Paid leave! That is almost as sick a joke as what these two animals did to the Salva woman. Schnell and Spencer should be prosecuted for manslaughter and have their asses in jail. That would be justice here.

Spencer is the worse of the two officers. As a woman she should have known better about a pregnant woman.

Click here if you'd like to view the video.

Disgusting, isn't it. For destroying a life they are paid to protect, Kansas City Police Officers Kevin Schnell and Melody Spencer are today's first Knuckleheads of the Day.

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