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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Broward County- Home to goofball judges

The South Florida legal system has some fine examples of stupidity on the bench, Broward County more so than Miami-Dade or Palm Beach.

First we have the presiding judge Dale Ross
Eileen O'Connor
Leonard Feiner
Cheryl Alemán

All former Knucklehead award winners. I wouldn't want to have anything legal to do in Broward County with these nuts dispensing justice.

Yesterday we found another nut sitting on the bench in Broward County. While not winning a knucklehead, Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin leaves us wondering what drugs the man is taking. When ruling on who gets the custody of Anna Nicole Smith's body, Judge Seidlin said.

“Although Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper has urged release of the body so that it can be embalmed and be presentable for an open-casket viewing, Seidlin said he is in no hurry to do so.

‘’This body belongs to me now,'’ said Seidlin, who plans to hold as many hearings as it takes to determine who has the right to bury Smith. ‘For the moment, this body is staying right here.'’

He also shrugged off any concerns that Smith’s corpse may be decomposing.

‘That baby is in in a cold, cold storage room, it’s not decaying so fast,’ he said. ‘I’m not rushing — we’re gonna spend a lot of time together.’”
The first time I ever heard body being referred to as a baby. Where does Broward County find these men and women judges? The home for the insane?

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