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Thursday, December 28, 2006


From the Fort Myers News-Press-

A 29-year-old North Fort Myers man was arrested for burglary Thursday, a victim of circumstance and technology.

Jason Kraft of 19601 Davis Lane, is also charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property, said Shelly Flynn, a spokeswoman for the Fort Myers police.

The arrest stems from a Dec. 22 burglary at the Edgewood Avenue home of former Fort Myers Councilman Bernie Alimenti.

Kraft managed to get past the 120-pound German shepherd that guards the house, ransack the premises, and make off with some expensive jewelry, Alimenti said.

A neighbor, Jonatan Tzoy, saw the burglar near the house and snapped his picture and a photo of his van's license plate with the camera in his cellular telephone.

Detective Bill Molloy followed up and tracked the van to a parking lot at Gulf Coast Hospital where he arrested Kraft, Flynn said.

I guess they'll have to re-write the lesson books for would be burglars. Beware men or women with cellphones.

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