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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More South Florida MSM name games

The Sun-Sentinel is back to their habit of leaving names out of their newsreporting. Here is the latest example.

MIAMI – An 18-month-old boy was critically injured this morning when he was run over by his grandmother as she backed out of her driveway, Miami-Dade Police said in a prepared release.

The accident occurred around 9 a.m. Tuesday on the 1400 block of Northwest 118 Street while the victim and his mother, who are from Palmetto on the Gulf Coast, were visiting the toddler's grandmother.

Police said Maggie Bentick, 49, got in her blue GMC Sierra pickup and was backing out when she hit the child who had slipped away from his mother.

The child, who was not immediately identified, was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Unit for treatment and was later listed in critical condition.
Now look at the Miami Herald's coverage of the same story.

A 1-year-old child was rushed to the hospital in critical condition this morning after his grandmother accidentally ran over the boy with a pickup truck.

''I didn't see him! I didn't see him! I didn't see him!'' wailed Maggie Bentick, 49, over and over.

Shortly after 9 a.m., Bentick was backing out of a driveway at 1446 NW 118th St., when she became aware that the child, Clarence Pinder Jr., was underneath the pickup, authorities and Bentick's husband said. She stopped the truck but too late to spare the child from harm.
The Herald identified the child. The Sun-Sentinel identified the grandmother, how hard would it have been to name the baby? Either the paper has idiots working as reporters or some idiotic 'don't name people' policy is in effect in the Fort Lauderdale newsroom. TFM leans towards the later, because of the paper's coverage of this story. The Sun-Sentinel took the name out, for the same story appeared on other MSM websites with the name.

The South Florida MSM can teach classes in bad journalism 101. I'm sure there is more examples of it, like today's every week, that don't get caught.

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