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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Knucklehead of the Year award- Academia, Education, Sciences & Religion

Time to give out our seventh Knucklehead of the Year award. This time it is the Academia, Education, Sciences & Religion category. This can be also called how so called smart people can be very stupid.

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Our Judging Panel remains the same. They are-

Greta from Hooah Wife and Friends
Don Surber
The Professor from Right Wing Nation
Doyle from A Cool Change
Jim from Bright & Early
James Joyner from Outside the Beltway
Dr. Steven Taylor from Poliblog
Jo from Jo's Cafe
Mr C from Peer Review FL
John in Carolina

Right in Florida
Rick from Stuck on the Palmetto
and Yours Truly. A big thank you to all the bloggers who helped out.

The six nominees are-

Harvard University
Hwang Woo-suk
Methodist Hospital Indianapolis Indiana
Princeton University
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Catholic Bishop Daniel Walsh

Comments from our judges-

Mr C wrote-

"1 Princeton not diverse enough

2 Harvard PC’ers lose big money

3 Daniel Walsh the accomplice"

Greta wrote-

"1. Bishop in Baja
2. Princeton's new motto - We have higher standards than perfect SAT scores
3. Heparin baby killers - take responsibility for your mistake"

And the winner is...........

Princeton University!

Princeton joins Mel Gibson, Jimmy Carter, Florida Department of Children and Families, Hilton Hotels, The New York Times and Andrew Tilley as 2006 Knucklehead of the year finalists. Please come back tomorrow to see who the eighth and last of our eight finalists is. On Decmeber 31st the Grand Knucklehead of 2006 will be announced. Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year.

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