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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good golly Miss Molly

No I am not talking the Little Richard song but this news from the Palm Beach Post.

PALM BEACH — A police officer has been suspended indefinitely after she crashed into two parked cars while on duty and left the scene without reporting the accident, the town's police department says.

Officer Molly Olson will still be paid pending the result of a department investigation into the Christmas Day incident on the 100 block of North County Road.

The accident occurred just after 4 p.m. No one was hurt.

Olson, 31, of West Palm Beach, has worked for the police department since August 2001. She could not be reached for comment early Wednesday evening.

A police report for the accident will be released today, said Jennifer Bruno of the Palm Beach Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit.

Bruno refused to comment on whether Olson was responding to a call or release any information on the owners of the cars that were hit.

The department's professional standards unit is conducting the investigation and may not release a report for several days, Bruno said.
If true, there is no excuse for the officer's behavior and she should be promptly fired. Rick at SOTP says cops are people too. True enough, but our law enforcement personnel should be held to a higher standard. For they enforce the law on the rest of society.

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