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Monday, December 18, 2006

From the Silly news desk

Some news from Canada. I hope the store has a video of this robbery. It should be required viewing for would be robbers.

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TORONTO (Reuters) - Just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong for a would-be robber this week and led to his quick arrest.

While trying to rob a convenience store in Edmonton, Alberta, on Wednesday the man slammed the till with an aluminum baseball bat, jamming it before the clerk could open it, police said.

"I think things went a little south after that," said Lisa Lammi of the Edmonton police.

As the robber tried to open the broken till, the clerk escaped, and with the help of others, barred the robber from leaving through the front door. The back exit was locked and barred.

The man then tried to escape from the roof, but crashed through the store's ceiling.

"He seemed to be having some complications along the way," Lammi said.

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