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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Florida the rules are different here Chapter LXVIII

The city of Deerfield Beach has the case of the mysterious nativity.

Firefighters and fire station mechanics saw two men in an unmarked van pull up to the fire station at Hillsboro Boulevard and Federal Highway this week, set up a small Nativity scene and drive away, according to city officials. City officials don't plan to remove the display on city property, said Deerfield Beach spokeswoman Rami Altherr. But they do want to know who put it up -- partly to chastise them for not getting the city manager's permission, but mostly to say thanks.

The rookie crèche replaces a life-sized Nativity scene that had decorated the grassy corner of the busy intersection each December for many years. For reasons still unknown, that manger scene failed to appear this year.

Concerned citizens called City Hall, Fire Station No. 1, churches and local media, wondering why a menorah filled the space.

"The Nativity scene represents a part of the community," said Michelle Peterson, a resident upset by its disappearance. "Christ is what Christmas is about for Christians."

The identities of those responsible for the past and present Nativities have eluded city officials. Unlike the religious decorations at City Hall, officials said, the holiday displays at the main fire station are not handled by city workers. And after years of regular appearances, most people assumed the full-size Nativity scene would return.
This is one mystery I'd leave unsolved. Just call it a miracle instead. Isn't Florida a great state or what?

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