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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Eye Checkup

I recently blogged about how I failed a eye exam when renewing my driver's license. Today I had an appointment with a local ophthalmologist.

The news- There is no sign of any eye disease. I do however need new lenses. So the news was good today.

The eye drops I was given for the eye exam, and the death of my beloved cat made this a tough day for blogging. Don't worry, I'll be finishing up the Knucklehead of the Year awards on time.

One thing did happen at the doctor's office- Among the papers I had to sign was a contract like form requiring me to pay $35 for refraction drops that were to be put in my eyes. The form said my insurance wouldn't cover it.

I don't trust medical providers who try shaking down patients. If you want to read an example of why, click here. Anyway I insisted on paying no more than my $15 co-pay. Two employees at the office tried to get the $35 from me but failed. The last person accepting why I wouldn't pay and saying they'd mail a bill if my insurer didn't cover it.

If my health insurance doesn't pay the $35, I will. If the insurance does pay the bill, I'm going to hand this doctor's office a Knucklehead award as just the latest example of fraud in the health care industry. I'll also be looking into filing complaints with the proper authorities, for I'm certain other people will have been ripped off too.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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