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Monday, December 04, 2006

Dumb and clueless School Officials

An assistant school superintendent in Broward County thinks houses give birth to babies!

"It struck me that we were seeing tremendous increase in the number of children being generated by town homes and mid rises," said Deputy Superintendent Michael
Garretson, who heads the district's multibillion-dollar construction division.

"The demographics in the east have demonstrated that there's not a significant
generation of children or families with children. We've had no children in the public school system coming out of the high rises in downtown Fort Lauderdale."
Yes why aren't there baby high rises everywhere? Maybe one of TFM's readers can enlighten me.

Mr. Garretson is embarassing. Not just for the quotes above, but because he has finally realized people are moving to out west in Broward County.

A report that will be presented to the Broward County School Board on Tuesday found suburbs such as Coral Springs, Weston and Miramar continue to produce most school-aged children.

But instead of moving into traditional two- or three-bedroom homes, these families are increasingly turning to the newly built, and cheaper, townhouses and apartment buildings.In contrast, the massive and rapid redevelopment boom of eastern Broward is not attracting families with children, according to the report.

The westward migration in Broward County should be no surprise to someone with any brains or an internet connection. Just look at the census figures for Coral Springs.

Coral Springs Population 1970- 1489 1980- About 37,000 Population 2000- 117,482

There is another clueless official who thinks people will start moving east in Broward County.

But (James)Hickey says county planners predict the county's western expansion soon will begin shifting eastward, giving rise to a renewed need for schools in eastern Broward.

"I think as redevelopment occurs and we start having density back east, we're going to have to look at these areas and starts to redevelop them," he said.

That would take a total reversal of trends seen in the last 60 years. People are leaving the cities for suburbs not vice versa.

With this kind of clueless and idiotic leadership in Broward County, is it no wonder schools in Florida are so pitiful.

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