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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Palm Beach Pravda

Powerline has made some nominations for the worst newspaper in America-

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: Nominated by Scott, citing Mark Steyn: “Unreadable sludge.”

The Houston Chronicle: A reader who worked for the Chronicle for “quite a while”: “Its main problem is not even its liberalism, which it suffers from, but its vapidity. On top of that, the editor from Hearst Corp. is trying to teach Houstonians how to be proper liberals. The fact that no one ever hears about the newspaper at America’s fourth largest city should tell you a lot.”

The Olympian (Olympia, Washington): MHJ: “From their editorial about how good it is that the Governor is going to direct the employees of the State Department of Transportation to cooperate with the State Auditor on taxpayer-directed performance audits, to their choice of letters to the editor, the Olympian begs for an editorial staff with common sense and analytical skills.”

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Thomas Nast (among many other readers of Stefan Sharkansky): “Consistently, and I do mean consistently, substitutes liberal dogma for 'facts' (which it then prints on the front page as 'news') and conjures the most knee-jerk editorials I've ever seen.”

The Los Angeles Times: Max Wyeth: “All around worst paper, general purposes.” See generally Patterico.


The St. Petersburg Times: Rob Riordan: “Have you even seen the Pravda of the south? This is the paper that took Howell Raines after the New York Times dumped him. But the topping on the cake was when TWO of its reporters were caught on tape by the FBI coaching convicted terrorist Sami Al-Arian." See Daniel Pipes's report here.


Washington Post: Max Wyeth: “Slavish liberalism (probably all those gummint workers)."
Some excellent choices, but I find the WPO more readable than most of its liberal bretheren. Powerline left the NYT off the poll they are conducting so as to level the playing field.

Guess what other newspaper is on the list?

The Palm Beach Post: Ronald Griffis: “Since the early 80's, many locals have referred to it as the 'Palm Beach Pravda' for the nearly comical level of progressive propaganda in its pages. For good examples of this, you can visit the op-ed pages online (particularly the local columnists) or check out their latest multimedia Special Report.”
TFM's regular readers know how often I rant about the Post. Now you can see I'm not the only person to think the Post is terrible newspaper.

And guess what newspaper is 2nd in the polling at present? Please go over and vote, maybe John Bartosek, Randy Schultz and company will finally get the message if the paper finishes 1st. Then again, I don't think the paper has learned one bit from the multiple Knucklehead awards I've handed that newspaper.

For saying balloting in Florida on November 7th went without a hitch
For their editorial cartoonist comparing registered Republicans to the KKK
For columnist Dan Moffet using shoddy statistics in a Sunday column
For insulting the troops in Iraq
Randy Schultz got one for calling students who do well in class, insignificant i.e. nerds

I could go on, but just the words Knucklehead and Palm Beach Post makes the Blogger search engine at my manage Posts section freeze and eventually give up as if a computer virus had struck. It's only a little better at TFM's eventual new home. Give it a try yourself and you'll see what I mean. The Post has to have racked up between 15-20 Knucklehead awards since I began giving them out.

TFM asks you to vote for the Post.

Hat tip- Lorie at Wizbang
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