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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekly Dolphins prediction

The Miami Dolphins(1-5) play host to Green Bay(1-4) this afternoon. Last weekend Miami lost to the New York Jets 20-17 after a failed 4th quarter comeback fell short on a field goal attempt by Olindo Mare with less than two minutes to go in the game.

It would be easy to blame Mare, but the Dolphins played terrible last weekend like they have all year. The offense continues to sputter for 3 quarters, then rushes to salvage the game when the 4th quarter comes. This template worked only once against Tennessee, while falling flat with it against Buffalo, Houston and the Jets.(Plus arguably New England who Miami trailed 13-0 early, got it back to 13-10 but then lost 20-10) Miami needs to show offensive consistency for once this year. Will it be versus Green Bay?

Bret Favre is only making his second ever(and almost certainly his last) appearance in Miami. I think Favre should retire. It will be years before the Pack are competitive again. Then that may be true for Miami too who has old starters almost every where and few draft picks producing at present. Just look at their first round pick Jason Allen. He has yet to play a down on defense this year.

Green Bay is a bad team, so is Miami. Who will win? The Palm Beach Post prognosticators are all picking the Dolphins again, but I'm not. Prediction- Green Bay 21, Miami 17.

Note- I'm 4-1 picking the winner of Miami Dolphin games so far this year. Only in week 2 when Buffalo beat Miami was I wrong.

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