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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guinness time

From the Palm Beach Post-

The sheriff's office arrested a man and charged him with 430 counts of making false identification cards.

Among the evidence seized from the man's suburban West Palm Beach home were identification cards for him from five different states and Mexico.

Deputies aren't sure what his name is or where he's from. He was booked into jail as Jose Mendez, but he could be Jose Amparo or Saravia Amaparo or another name used on the cards.

The man claimed he had only been in two of the states for which he has an identification card — Illinois and Florida.

He lives on Cha Cha Street with his wife and daughter, but detectives couldn't determine their real names or ages either.

They found several birth certificates for the girl. Deputies seized computers, printers, card makers and hundreds of cards as evidence.
What do you think the odds are that this entire family are illegal aliens? The MSM is slowly catching on to the fact that identity theft and illegal aliens in the US have a correlation to one another.
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