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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blogging burn out?

I have been having a difficult time blogging for the last few days. It has seemed much more of a chore than usual. I don't know if its burn out or just I'm missing my wife. She is still in the Philippines and won't get home till November 4th.

One problem I been having is finding a knucklehead award winner. I try to always make that my first post of the day. Two times this week I had trouble finding a winner, so that delayed my blogging.

Then I think not having DW around to talk about what I plan on writing about is proving to be a drag. Being home by myself the last 2.5 weeks I think is proving to be more mentally draining than anticipated. I have few friends or outside activities and other than the daily trip to the post office and my walk(s), I been rarely going out.

Even worse, I don't think I had a conversation with anyone at all yesterday. On thursday night I did get to meet my first blogger face to face, Bob Norman of The Daily Pulp. There was a blogging panel discussion in Deerfield Beach and I made the twenty mile drive to attend it.

I may take a break for a few weeks or just post my knucklehead winners and little else. The 2006 Knucklehead of the year awards are still on and will take place in December. This year I will also have a seperate award for just Florida knuckleheads.

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