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Saturday, September 09, 2006

She's a quck learner

Miya Burt-Stewart was just appointed to the South Florida Water Management District board in March and she is already trying to use this position for her own benefit.

Miya Burt-Stewart highlighted her March appointment by Gov. Jeb Bush to the water district governing board in e-mail and other correspondence that she said was sent to friends, colleagues and prospective clients.

An e-mail about her Broward County-based consulting firm also listed her water district cell phone as one of her contact numbers.

According to company literature, the firm can help clients work with "elected and regulatory officials" who "make decisions that could jeopardize a company's competitiveness." It said the company can help clients achieve "bottom-line and business objective without the hang-ups of policy decisions being made in Washington D.C. or the state capital."

Burt-Stewart said Friday her correspondence was not intended to infer that she could help clients win favor with the water district, which has a $1 billion budget and hires numerous contractors, consultants and attorneys for water projects.

She said her clients do not do business with the water district. She said she inadvertently listed her water district cell phone number and that she does not conduct private business on that phone.

"You will never see that again," said Burt-Stewart, who added she removed the district cell phone number from her company correspondence after just one day.
What a novice, she doesn't even know how to solicit bribed properly. I suggest some remedial kickback classes before this gets out of hand.

Cue the sarcastic laughter.

I'm sure Ms. Burt-Stewart will not make the same mistake again. She will be more circumspect when trying to use her office to benefit herself. The inadvertent mistake of listing her work phone number and the tone of the email clearly show what this idiot is up to. She's a disgrace within months of taking her office and if Governor Bush has any common sense he would immediately remove Miya Burt-Stewart from office.

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