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Friday, September 08, 2006

Another missed cut

From AP-

CRANS-SUR-SIERRE, Switzerland - Michelle Wie struggled to an 8-over 79 at the European Masters on Friday, missing the cut at a men's event for the ninth time in 10 attempts. The 16-year-old from Hawaii, who shot a 78 in Thursday's first round, finished at 15-over 157.

Wie ran up double-bogey 7s on successive par-5s.

"I didn't even know which sport I was playing out there," she said. "My bunker play was better and I putted better. But I wish I had a little more feel for the game before I came here. It was not my day."

Wie survived the cut in a men's at the SK Telecom Open in South Korea earlier this year, where she finished 12 shots off the lead. Laura Davies is the only other woman to play on the European tour, finishing next to last in the 2004 ANZ Championship in Sydney.

Wie will play against the men next week in the 84 Lumber Classic on the PGA Tour.

Speaking for possibly myself only, the novelty of women golfers competing against the male professionals. is wearing off

As I blogged before, Michelle should give up playing with the men. At best, she'd be just another tour professional. I don't think even Nike will pay her millions for that and sooner or later the public won't care either.

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