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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The latest news on the Joseph Lieberman-Ned Lamont CT primary race comes from Hotline via Greg at OTB.

According to Lieberman's campaign communications director, Marion Steinfels, "Yep, we've been hacked."

"There's a coordinated effort to overloaded our bandwith and that has brought down our website and our e-mail," she said. The attack began around mid-morning, she said.

Steinfels said the company that hosts the campaign website is investigating. It's the third time the site was broken into; it's the second time within a month.

Lieberman opponents might suggest that the Lieberman campaign forgot to pay its bill; Steinfels says that's totally untrue. Or that the campaign is responsible for
adding content that crashed the site. But the campaign didn't add any significant new content.

There's no evidence at all that anyone associated with challenger Ned Lamont 's campaign had anything to do with the mischief.

One theory we'll throw out: the site has been hacked to make it appear as if the Lieberman campaign, running against the Netroots' candidate, forgot to pay its website bill. On the eve of the election. That's a theory.

Or it could be deliberate sabotage by the Lamont campaign and or its supporters. Your guess is as good as mine.

Conservative bloggers blogging on today's primary or news related to it include- Ed at CQ, Lorie at Wizbang, Betsy, Don Surber, Michelle Malkin, One Big Dog, Sister Toldjah, Bullwinkle, The Anchoress, Mark at Blogs for Bush, Gay Patriot, Mr Smash, Junkyard Blog, Just One Minute,

That's quite an impressive list and I could list many more. Not to pick on Ed, but at CQ he has blogged on the Lieberman-Lamont race at least 7 times since July 30th. Probably much more, I just did a search of CQ's archives using its search function and the words Ned Lamont.

When was the last time TFM mentioned the name of Joseph Lieberman in a blog post? You have to go back to last December.

Why is the conservative blogosphere obsessing over the Lamont-Lieberman race? Are they gloating over the internecine battle going on among Democrats right now? Ready to rub their hands in glee if Lieberman loses and declare the Democratic party dead?

Maybe. Or they are just following the leading political story at this moment.

I think its a little of both of the above. The conservative blogosphere also expends alot of words on people like Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, John Murtha, The Valerie Plame Story and others. A few big bloggers write incessantly on these people and many small bloggers fall in line.

All TFM does is yawn. I've said my two bits on those people too. Then I moved on. Maybe that's why I only average 438 visitors a day here.

Back to Lieberman-Lamont. Why are conservatives so concerned with Lieberman's fate other than to see a Democratic train wreck? Because we like Lieberman's views? Other than the Iraq war, Lieberman falls in line with the Democratic party most of the time. Lieberman as late as 2002 got a 85 rating from Americans for Democratic Action and a 20 rating from the National Taxpayers Union.

Hardly the makings of a conservative. Then there's this tidbit I wrote about last December.

Not so fast everyone. From Page 341 of the 2004 edition of The Almanac of
American Politics.

In the Florida controversy, Lieberman took what to some was a surprisingly
partisan role- though of course this was a quintessentially partisan issue. On
Suday interview shows he said he and Gore would never challenge legitimately
cast absentee ballots. But on the preceding Friday night, lawyers working for
the Gore-Lieberman ticket did precisely that.

Those lawyers were partly sucessful in some of their challenges, and in one instance where the challenge was sucessful, Gore-Lieberman campaign lawyers and supporters broke into cheers. Sorry I don't remember the source for this.

If Conservative bloggers were posting in 2000 they would have been villifying the junior Senator from CT. Deservedly so too, Lieberman wanted to disenfranchise our fighting men and women. Is that someone conservatives should be supporting?

I guess people have a short memory. TFM instead has a head full of useless trivia. I have tried out for Jeopardy on multiple occasions.

This will be my last mention of the Democratic race in CT. I need to find some silly news to post or give out a Knucklehead award.

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