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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Whose sign is it anyway?

I've blogged before about my being no fan of State Representative Irv Slosberg. He's back in the news again.

Another hurricane season is bringing another political squall around Democratic state Rep. Irving Slosberg.

The nonprofit Area Agency on Aging Palm Beach/Treasure Coast, which plans to distribute 1.2 million brightly colored "Help" signs for seniors to hang on their doors after a hurricane, says Slosberg's state Senate campaign is confusing things by distributing its own post-hurricane door hangers.

Slosberg, running against attorney Ted Deutch in a Democratic primary in a senior-heavy district, handed out 2,000 door hangers Thursday at a Democratic club meeting at Century Village of Boca Raton.

McFalls said having two kinds of door hangers "could cause confusion with seniors.... My concern is that we just have a really coordinated effort."
Mr. McFalls are you saying seniors are dumb? I always like it when some politician fears some group(Blacks, Gays, children. Just fill in the blank) will be confused by some event or policy. What the politicians are really doing is insulting people's intelligence.

McFalls also noted that the agency had applied for a patent and trademark for its design.

"We believe that (Slosberg's sign) is an infringement on our copyright," McFalls said.

The agency's signs are on thick, shiny paper stock and measure about 4 by 11 inches with a hole near the top to fit over a door handle.

One side is bright magenta and says "Help" in large letters. The other side is bright yellow and says "OK."

They are designed so neighbors and relief workers can quickly decide which homes to visit after a storm.

Slosberg's signs are the same size but on a thinner white, non-glossy paper stock with red-and-blue printing.

One side says "Help" and includes a checklist where seniors can specify that they need medicine, water, ice, food — including Kosher meals — or other items.

The other side includes phone numbers and a picture of Slosberg with his campaign logo.
Slosberg is using them for his campaign but McFalls objections are just dumb. If it helps seniors, does it really matter whose sign it is? What is really happening is a bureaucratic turf battle and petty jealousies. Helping the public is secondary.

Common sense in public policy. It would be nice to if this were the rule rather than the exception.

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