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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who's the Ass?

Some news from Texas.

AUSTIN - Texans who make mocking donations to Gov. Rick Perry's campaign no longer have to worry about how their canceled checks will be labeled. Perry's campaign said Friday it will likely stop using the code "ASS 06" — short for "A Small Supporter" — on the canceled checks of small-change contributors who donated mere pennies in protest of the governor's support for a new business tax.

Political campaigns often code contribution checks to track what inspired the donation. Perry spokesman Robert Black said the checks were coded "ASS 06" because the donations weren't tied to a specific event.

"In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best choice for an abbreviation," Black said. "They'll probably be changed to something like 'SML' for 'Small' going forward."
The solution is as dumb as the original abbreviation. SML is small going forward? Why doesn't the Perry campaign admit they made a mistake in using that abbreviation?

Instead of telling the truth, the Rick Perry campaign prefers to remain an ass.

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