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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Noise or envy?

A community in Fort Myers may restrict what hours generators can be used.

One south Fort Myers community may vote today to restrict the overnight use of generators during power outages.

A proposal that would ban running generators between midnight and 6 a.m. is on the agenda for today’s monthly meeting of the Pinebrook Woods Homeowners Association’s board of directors.

Board President John Bourdouklis said that in order for the proposal to become binding, all four members of the board would have to vote in favor of it. The measure would become effective 14 days after all 100 association members are notified in writing, he said.

The loud, persistent drone of generators has become common the past two years in the aftermaths of hurricanes Charley and Wilma, when power was out extended periods of time.

Bourdouklis, 52, said he placed the proposal on the agenda of the 9 a.m. meeting because of comments he has heard about generator noise after Charley struck on Aug. 13, 2004, and Wilma, which made landfall in Collier County on Oct. 24.


Bourdouklis said an across-the-street neighbor used a generator overnight after Wilma and he felt the sound was an imposition.

“But I’m not just thinking about me,” he said. “I’m thinking of the older couple that’s going to have to do the best they can. The noise has been mentioned after the last two hurricanes — not any great groundswell — but I believe it’s a topic for discussion and whatever way it goes, I’ll respect the decision.”

He said he doesn’t have a generator, but can appreciate their use to operate refrigerators and freezers, cool homes and other daily functions.

“We’re not saying they can’t use them,” Bourdouklis said. “We’re saying they can't use them for six hours a day so people can get a good night’s sleep during a period of stress. To me, it’s only those individuals who want to be inconsiderate who would subject their close neighbors and friends to that sort of noise.”

The proposal would not apply to all, Bourdouklis said.

“If someone has a physician’s certified need, it’s only reasonable to exclude them from the ban,” he said.
To me it sounds like Mr. Bourdouklis has a case of envy. I was without power for 11 days after Wilma, 8 after Francis. It's not fun at all. Some of my neighbors had generators. Did it bother me? Honest answer- No. Some people need them, some people can afford them, some can't or some just don't want to invest in a complicated machine they will seldom use when they aren't a mechanically inclined person. Thats TFM for you. Think of the people with the generator, they have it running in their garage or backyard. If they can live with the noise, can't Mr. Bourdouklis?

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