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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mixed drink(s)

Some news from today's Post.

Stealthy sips of a concoction of rubbing alcohol and tea sent six students to three hospitals Friday morning.

The teens were on their way to Palm Beach Marine Institute, a school for middle and high school students who are on probation. One of them snuck a Kirkland water bottle full of the mixture past a bus driver and passed it around to other students as they drove to school, said Kenyatta Styles, the school's executive director.

By the time he got to school at about 9 a.m., it was obvious something was wrong with the boy who had brought the drink on the bus, Styles said. He was incoherent and seemed to be drunk. The school called the sheriff's office and deputies called for medical help. He was taken to Jupiter Medical Center, where he told a doctor that he brought a concoction of rubbing alcohol and tea onto the school bus and passed it around.

Four other boys and one girl, ages 14 to 16, drank a smaller amount of the potion, so they didn't have any apparent symptoms. But when they heard their buddy was so sick and needed to go the hospital, they confessed, Styles said.

They were taken to St. Mary's Medical Center and Columbia Hospital, both in West Palm Beach.

The case is not being treated as a criminal act, but crime scene investigators took the bottle to test the contents, sheriff's Lt. Alan May said. It was still about a quarter full of the brownish liquid, probably rubbing alcohol and tea.

The initial victim was expected to have his stomach pumped Friday, and all the students were expected to be released from the hospital by Friday night. The contents of his stomach are going to be analyzed, he said. The sheriff's office did not release the students' names.

"Their safety is our number one concern at this point," he said.
One could say that this concern for these teens safety is a little late. That's considering the one boy managed to get his 'drink' on the bus.

Somehow I don't see Jimmy Buffett singing a song about a combination of rubbing alcohol and tea.(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

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