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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The July 4th Knucklehead of the Day Marathon Part Fourteen

This is an appropriate Knucklehead for the 4th of July.

Our fourteenth winner is Melrose South Pyrotechnics, Inc a fireworks company based out of South Carolina. They get the award for almost destroying a 4th of July Fireworks show in Boynton Beach Florida.

Boynton Beach residents almost found out after the South Carolina company hired to light the sky said they couldn't find a barge to use as a base to ignite the fireworks, according to city officials.

The $33,000 one-year contract with Melrose South Pyrotechnics, Inc. in Catawba, S.C., stated the fireworks firm was supposed to secure the barge, not the city.

City staff eventually saved the event themselves Friday after scurrying to find a barge company available to work.

Mayor Jerry Taylor said earlier in the morning that if the event didn't happen he would make sure every representative of the Florida League of Cities was aware of the problem with Melrose.


Boynton Beach Public Affairs Director Wayne Segal said the problems apparently began two weeks ago, when Lantana let the fireworks company know that the Boynton Beach barge couldn't dock at its marina like last year.

Segal said the city worked out a last-minute deal with the Two Georges Marina to dock the barge for three days, but the fireworks company said the barge people wouldn't agree to the time line.

Despite the problems, Boynton Beach officials said Melrose talked Friday night with the new barge company and everything was set.

It seems to me Melrose South wanted public money but didn't want to do the work that went along with it. For failing their contractual obligations to the citizens of Boynton Beach, Melrose South Productions is today's 14th Knucklehead of the day.


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