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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I feel faint

Does the Palm Beach Post editorial board read TFM? From a Saturday editorial.

First, Gov. Bush and his allies lined up Miami-Dade County School Board member Frank Bolanos to challenge Sen. Villalobos in the Republican primary. While Sen. Villalobos has been the voice of younger, moderate Cuban-Americans who aren’t obsessed with Fidel Castro, Mr. Bolanos recently voted to ban from Miami-Dade schools a book he considered too pro-Castro Cuba. A federal judge overturned the board’s decision.

Then, the anti-Villalobos crowd recruited an assistant principal to enter the race as a write-in candidate and help close out Democratic voters from what could have been an “open primary.” As The Miami Herald reported, Alejandro Rizo said, “If Alex Villalobos wants Democrat support, he can run as a Democrat.” Responded Sen. Villalobos, “For all the Republicans in my district who have kids in crowded classrooms — and that’s all of them — the choice will be pretty clear.”
The Democrat support quote comes from this Herald story. As to the write-in candidte, that comes from here.

Then here is my blog post that references the second Herald article from above.

Today's winners are Miami-Dade School Board member Frank Bolaños and American Senior High School Assistant Principal Alejandro Rizo. They get the award for their political maneuver to prevent democrats from voting in a State Senate race in Miami-Dade County. Bolaños is challenging the Republican incumbent and Rios a friend and financial supporter of Bolaños is running as a write-in. Since no Democrat is running for the seat, under state law Democrats could vote in the Republican primary. Except now Rizo's bogus bid prevents this.

What do these two think this is, some kind of banana republic? What Rizo did is legal but not right. These two are using a loophole in Florida's laws to prevent people from voting.
Funny that the Post and I share the same outrage together. I don't agree with much of the rest of today's editorial. The Bolanos-Villalobos feud Republican feud is not all that different from the Teresa LePore-Robert Wexler Democratic feud we had here in Palm Beach County for approximately four years. The Post apparently forgets that or just felt the need to bash Governor Bush and Republicans. I lean to the later.

Could the editorial just be a coincidence rather than a sign of the Post reading TFM? It is possible but I wrote this a year ago.

3- Nearsightedness. I once before blogged about Columnist/Editorial Page Editor Randy Schultz at the Palm Beach Post. In spite of having two other major newspapers in the area, one in a county only miles from his home, this newspaper man didn't know a bit about a scandal involving a judge in Broward County. Do newspapermen only read their own papers?
Last Friday I even had a visitor from the Post. From their Boca Raton bureau, or that was where the IP came from(Randy Schultz lives in Boca. He has stated so in his columns.). I saw this while checking out Site Meter. Unfortunately I didn't save that webpage.

Is Randy Schultz a regular TFM reader? Maybe he is addicted to my knucklehead awards. Come on Randy, admit it. Confession is good for the soul.

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