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Saturday, July 08, 2006

He made a left turn at the living room

Some news from Ft. Myers. The third time certainly wasn't the charm for Justin Rodgers whose license was suspended before these accidents. How do we keep suspended drivers off the roads? Confiscate their cars?

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A man drove a van into a house Friday, minutes after he fled two separate crashes in Fort Myers, according to authorities.

Joshua Rodgers, 22, of 1036 Rose Ave., was involved in an accident on Cleveland Avenue around 5 p.m. and minutes later was involved in another accident at Lafayette Street and Grand Avenue, said Fort Myers Police Officer Serge Ruggio.

The driver he hit in the first accident chased him down Willard Street as Rodgers fled both accidents. He turned into 2146 Willard St., where one of his relatives lives in the back building, a neighbor said.

That's when Bobby Lee Belton Jr. knew something was wrong.

"I heard this screech and suddenly the boom," Belton said.

He was sitting in the living room of the house when he heard the accident.

When he came outside, he saw the van, which had lodged in the front of the house after taking down the front yard's fence. The vehicle put a hole into his roommate Scott Lucas' room and shook the house, breaking some glass.

Belton, who is supposed to leave today to go to Fort Stewart, Ga., for National Guard training, said he and Lucas have lived there since December.

Ruggio said a small child was injured in the accident at Lafayette Street and Grand Avenue, though Sgt. Randy Jelks said the child's injuries were minor.

Jelks said Rodgers was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries and driving with a suspended license.

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