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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Grudge or denial?

More Katherine Harris news.

U.S. - Rep. Katherine Harris acknowledged Tuesday that investigators probing a bribery scandal have sought records from her Senate campaign, but she denied suggestions by a former top adviser that she is a target of the investigation.


Since the beginning of April, campaign finance reports show, the Harris campaign has paid $35,806 to a high-powered Washington lawyer, Benjamin L. Ginsberg, who specializes in campaign finance law. Harris retained Ginsberg, of the firm Patton Boggs LLP, shortly after she was identified as having received illegal political contributions from Wade.

Former campaign consultant Ed Rollins, who recently was interviewed by Department of Justice investigators, said Tuesday that Harris is a subject of the investigation.
Some of the stories concerning Harris mention Mr. Rollins. I sometimes wonder if he is bearing a personal grudge.

Rollins said FBI agents and two lawyers from the Defense Investigative Service quizzed him on Harris' interactions with Wade in a two-hour interview two weeks ago at the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section. That section investigates allegations of corruption.

Wade's company, MZM Inc., stood to benefit from an "earmark" spending provision Harris unsuccessfully sought to slip into military spending legislation last year.


In a news release Tuesday, Harris countered, "The Department of Justice has informed me that I am not a target of the investigation concerning Mitchell Wade."

She said the department asked her campaign for information in May, which "we were more than willing to give."

But her cooperation with the investigation is "being exploited by people engaged in an unsuccessful, coordinated effort to end my candidacy for the United States Senate," Harris said.
On the other hand Harris is again using the 'everyone is against me' or I'm running against the political insiders reason or excuse again.

The Harris statement did not provide any information on who was involved in that effort, what information the Department of Justice sought from the campaign or whether the request was a subpoena.

The campaign had no answers to those questions Tuesday night.

Campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Marks said she could provide no information on the reasons for the legal fees to Patton Boggs, and Ginsberg did not return a call seeking comment.
Who are we to believe- Rollins or the Congresswoman? Based on past history, I'm inclined to believe Rollins. This latest story is just one more example of the many problems engulfing the Harris campaign. Catherine Harris would do well to save herself and the Republican party by withrdrawing. Please do that congresswoman, you're not helping the Republicans by running. You're only being selfish by continuing on.

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