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Monday, July 24, 2006

Broken arm

That was the injury suffered by Miami Dolphin turned Toronto Argonaut RB Ricky Williams. From the Sun-Sentinel.

TORONTO ยท Ricky Williams will undergo surgery today to repair a broken left arm and is expected to miss at least four weeks, The Globe and Mail reported Sunday.

Williams was hurt during the first half of a 26-23 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday.

The injury happened when Williams reached out with his left hand to break his fall on the turf at Mosaic Stadium in Regina. He later returned to the sideline with his arm in a sling.

Williams is playing in the CFL after he was suspended by the NFL for one year after a fourth positive drug test. He is still under contract with the Dolphins.

The Globe and Mail reported the Dolphins called Toronto to learn more details of the injury.

"They just wanted to find out what happened and the two trainers -- Toronto's and Miami's -- talked," Argos president Keith Pelley told the newspaper.

Under the deal between Toronto and Miami, the Argos are under no obligation to get the Dolphins' approval before sending Williams back on the field.
This injury is good news for Miami. First because it isn't serious, secondly because it takes Williams off the field where he could suffer a far worse injury. Still I suspect that Ricky's career is over in Miami and I have to question how much the team could get in a trade for the running back. What team will give up much for a player with Williams' off the field history?

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