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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 4th of July Knucklehead of the Day Marathon Part Eighteen

Our 18th winners are 16-year-old Joseph Sizemore, and his friend, 17-year-old Robert Stone. Theese two young men have been using a Port St. Lucie Florida neighborhood as a shooting gallery.

Enough said. For endangering both people and property, Robert Stone and Joseph Sizemore are our eighteenth knuckleheads of the day.

Between sobs, she said she used to share fruit with her neighbor, 16-year-old Joseph Sizemore, and talk with him in the shade.

But when Spence's husband, Wesley, went outside Thursday to confront Sizemore and his friend, 17-year-old Robert Stone shot 85-year-old Wesley, too, the Spences said.

Describing the rifle-shaped BB gun, Winnifred Spence said, "Poor old me didn't even know what it was."

Neither required medical treatment.

Police believe after shooting the caregiver twice and Wesley Spence once, the boys switched out the BB guns for a.22-caliber rifle in Sizemore's home. Police said they then emptied rifle rounds at homes and people around the neighborhood.

Police gave no motive for the shootings. They said the teenagers had been in trouble before, but did not provide any details.

Port St. Lucie police Detective Charlie Lumpkin said the teens shot at cans before making their way to the Zimmerman home on Manth Lane. The Zimmermans said the boys shot their house 14 times and their boat four times.

Pointing at the bullet hole that tore through an ocean painting in his living room, Russell Zimmerman said, "That's a head shot there."

His wife, Marilyn, left their house less than an hour before the shooting and came home minutes after it ended. She and her husband don't know the teens.

"The police are saying it's good it's random. I'm not seeing that," she said. "At least if it's somebody out to get you, you probably deserve part of it."

From the Zimmermans' home, the youths moved to a home on Carvalho Street near Stone's home and began shooting at a neighbor's van, Lumpkin said. When 18-year-old Justin Sarmento stepped out of the house, Stone shot at him, piercing the stucco but missing him, the detective added.

No one at Sarmento's home would comment Friday afternoon, but Lumpkin said someone living there was involved in an argument with at least one of the teens.

Lumpkin said Sizemore, who is cooperating with the investigation, says only Stone shot at people, with both the rifle and the BB gun. The weapons were from Sizemore's house, the detective said, and both teens had gunshot residue on their hands.

Both youths were taken to a juvenile detention center. Stone was arrested on charges of attempted felony murder, aggravated battery and shooting into a dwelling. Sizemore was arrested on charges of shooting at a dwelling and felony criminal mischief.

The state attorney has 21 days to decide whether to charge them as adults.


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