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Thursday, June 08, 2006

What a bargain- Hurricane phone for just $4,995!

From AP-

NEW YORK -- Southerners worried a hurricane will leave them without phones can now buy a "Personal Hurricane Kit" for just $4,995.

The kit, launched last month by Assemble Communications LLC of Davidson, N.C., comes in a watertight suitcase and features a battery-powered Inmarsat satellite antenna and handset. It also comes with cables to connect a computer to Inmarsat's broadband Internet service.

The price includes 400 minutes of talk time that don't expire until used and 150 megabytes of Internet access -- enough for about two days of average surfing.

Those who don't need broadband access or don't want a six-pound kit may be satisfied with cheaper, standalone satellite phones.

Phones for the Iridium Satellite LLC network cost about $1,500, and 500 minutes of talk time can be had for $550, though they expire after a year.

Globalstar Inc. phones cost as little as $645. There is an emergency plan that costs $29.99 a month, with minutes costing an additional $1.49 per minute.

Of course, hurricanes aren't the time for long, rambling conversations.
Yes one doesn't feel much like talking when one's roof may blow off at any moment. Regular non-cordless phones may still work through a storm. Cell phones are erratic at best. I don't really think there will be much of a market for this product.

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