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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tanks alot

Some news from Port St. Lucie County.

St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office bought a tank for this hurricane season.

Technically, it's an armored personnel carrier — the M113A2. The 13-ton vehicle can withstand 180 mile-per-hour winds and can roll through about 3 feet of water. It's the same vehicle U.S. troops are using in Iraq.

Sheriff Ken Mascara said the M113A2, the sheriff's office "emergency response vehicle," will help reach people stuck behind water, mud or brush that would obstruct an ordinary vehicle.

The M113A2 is 16 feet long and can hold 13 people. It has infrared vision, smoke grenade launchers and a gas mask filter system. It even has air-conditioning.

And it has a gun mount, but no machine gun.

That's good. I think.

Describing the cost, Mascara said, "It's about a quarter million new to the government. For $2,000 I think we got a good deal."

But everyone at the sheriff's office is still wondering: Who gets to drive it?

For now, VanDeventer is the only trained staff member. He served as a tank commander in the U.S. Army more than 25 years ago and worked with five M113A2s. Mascara said he's not sure yet who else will be trained.


And though it might have been cheap to bring the vehicle down, fueling the M113A2 won't be so cost effective. VanDeventer said it only gets about 2 miles to the gallon.
A $2,000 dollar vehicle that may not be used for years and years and when it does get used will consume gas like a football fan drinks beer. Oh and the Sheriff is the only one who can drive the thing.

The sheriff sounds like a kid with a new toy gun. Mascara and his toy should be sent packing the next time County voters have their say. Maybe Sheriff Mascara will order the gun afterall for target practice. He could start with himself, Mascara's purchase could well be an act of political suicide. 'The Tank Sheriff' has supplied his next opponent with ample ammunition.

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