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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A sick editorial from the Palm Beach Post

Today marks the worst I've ever seen from Randy Schultz and the Post editorial board. Today on Father's day, they had the following editorial.

Gov. Bush and the other three members of Florida’s clemency board will receive a packet of information this week. It will ask that the board allow Department of Corrections inmate K63957 to serve the remaining three-plus years of his sentence on house arrest.

There is a case for the board to say no. There is a better case for the board to say yes.

Inmate K63957 is 20-year-old Stephen Bromstrup. Four years and one day ago, the Martin County High School freshman ran a stop sign while driving 80 mph in a 25-mph zone. He crashed his mother’s Pontiac Firebird into a Cadillac, killing 14-year-old Sarah Stone of Palm City and 13-year-old Alexandra Quaroni, who was visiting from France. Jennifer McKinney, Miss Quaroni’s cousin, was seriously injured.
The first thing that struck me about this editorial was that today is Father's Day.

Then I asked myself what do the fathers of Ms. Quaroni and Ms. Stone feel about Mr. Bromstrup?

We get a partial answer.

After years of anguish, though, Sarah Stone’s parents met with the Bromstrups and were able to forgive their son, whose release they support. While the thoughts of victims’ families are a factor, a proper sentence balances the crime with what is best for society, and Stephen Bromstrup has a chance to do something for society.
Maybe Randy, maybe. The Stones forgave Mr. Bromstrup. That's all fine, its their decision.

Now how about the Quaroni family?????? There is no mention of them, I'm assuming the Post didn't contact them.

The publication of this editorial on Father's day is in horribly bad taste. An act of sickness that tells you what the mental state of Randy Schultz and his editorial board posess. For they feel their causes are so important they don't care one iota if they cause anyone pain or suffering.

For losing a child is the worst pain a mother or father can suffer. I've lost a child. Father's Day is one of the worst days of year for me. It would be the same for Alexandra Quaroni's father I'm certain.

Then the Post compounds it with this editorial. Why not run it on Saturday? Or Monday? It didn't have to be run today.

Before someone raises these three points, I will.

Alexandra Quaroni being from France is no excuse. If the Post didn't contact them.


If they did contact the Quaroni family but they didn't talk.


If the Quaroni family refuses to forgive Mr. Bromstrup


The timing was an insult to any parent who lost a child but fathers especially.

This editorial is proof that the Post editorial is a group of sick minds who if Cox Communications had any conscience would on reading this fire them every single one of them.

If you're wondering why this didn't win a Knucklehead, don't worry. The Post is getting an equally deserving one tomorrow.

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