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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Secretary of State

Adam is appointing a conservative Blogger cabinet. Hmm....who made him Chief Executive?

Secretary of Interior: Clayton Cramer
Secretary of Labor: Basil
Secretary of Agriculutre: David at Third World County
Secretary of HHS: Christina Dunigan
Secretary of HUD: Jo
Secretary of Transportation: Joel Kennedy
Secretary of Energy: Jay Tea
Secretary of Education: Random Yak
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Cao's Blog
Secretary of Homeland Security: Michelle Malkin
White House Press Secretary: Don Surber
Good choices all. Helen Thomas would finally meet her match in Don.

I was hoping for HHS and was disappointed at first. Then Adam made these choices.

Jack Yoest gets the nod at the Commerce Department. I know this job is supposed to go to some big time political hack who helps win the election, but lets go with merit.

The Attorney General, another obvious pick. You understand someone who understands what the law actually says and will act justly. My choice John Stepenson of Stop the ACLU.

For Secretary of Treasury, I want someone who understands the idea of fiscal responsiblity. That’s why Mr. NZ Bear from the Truth Laid Bear and the leader of Pork Busters will fill this vital role.

The Defense Department needs strong leadership in troubled times. Who better to lead than Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters?

I’d also want David Oatney as White House Chief of Staff. He’d be invaluable.
Good choices all but where is TFM?

The State Department needs a straight shooter, someone who can tell the truth. Someone who can tell other nations as nicely as possible that their leaders are the Knuckleheads of the Day. My choice, the Florida Masochist.

LOL. As long as I get the following bloggers to help me out.

Dr Taylor for Latin America
Avi Green for Israel
Kobayashi Maru for the rest of the Middle East
GI in Korea for Asia

Ultima Thule for Russia and Eastern Europe
Hooah Wife for Western Europe. She's feisty enough to handle the French.
LaShawn Barber for Africa
James Joyner for Political Affairs

Is that a deal then Adam? When do I start?

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