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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Some news from the Miami Herald. Anyone want to hire a 58-year-old lawyer who is about to be disbarred?

Attorney John Lipinski, 58, and inmate Andrew Rahmings, 21, each face two felony charges: introduction of marijuana to a county jail and possession of marijuana.

Miami-Dade police say Lipinski visited Rahmings about noon Thursday at the Miami-Dade Pre-Trial Detention Center downtown. The reason for the visit is unknown.

Investigators say Lipinski is not Rahmings' attorney.

When Rahmings left the interview room, he had three yellow envelopes in his possession.

Jail officials searched the envelopes before returning Rahmings to his cell and found about 40 grams of marijuana in two of the envelopes.

''It is obvious when you grab the envelopes that there is something inside,'' the arrest report reads.

After realizing that Rahmings had left the interview room after meeting with the attorney, guards stopped Lipinski.

Lipinski told Miami-Dade police he had gotten a call from an acquaintance of Rahmings, who wanted a meeting.

They met at an IHOP in Hollywood, where the acquaintance gave Lipinski the envelopes, saying he wanted Rahmings to write him, Lipinski said.

Rahmings told a different story -- he denied knowing the man Lipinski met, according to the report.

Lipinski was booked into the Miami-Dade Pre-Trial Detention Center.

Each of the charges carries a $5,000 bail, said Janelle Hall, spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade Corrections Department.
What Mr. Lipinski was thinking of I have no idea. He wasn't the attorney for Rahmings. So why bring him an envelope? Did it ever occur to Lipinski what was inside.

This is a felony charge. For a fool's errand Lipinski could lose his livelihood. I sure hope he doesn't have a wife and family depending on him. They're going to the the victims of his stupidity.

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