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Monday, June 26, 2006

No Justice for Michelle

DCF has fired three workers for their mishandling of the Michelle Fontanez case. Michelle was murdered by her stepfather last February.

Three child welfare workers were fired Friday over the handling of a case involving a 13-year-old girl who was found raped and fatally beaten while in state care.

Investigator Erica Cesare was dismissed by the Florida Department of Children & Families for negligence, misconduct and conduct unbecoming of a public employee, according to records obtained by the News-Press of Fort Myers. Also fired were supervisors John Taylor and Herb Glover.

Taylor, a 15-year employee, was Cesare's immediate supervisor and Glover, a 23-year DCF veteran, was in charge of all child abuse investigations in Southwest Florida.
If you read the Ft. Myers News-Press extensive coverage of the Fontanez case you'd be angry as hell. What these 3 DCF workers and lawyer Andrea Lang did is beyond words. Michelle told Cesare of being abused and they didn't put the girl into foster care! The mother wasn't protecting her daughter and Hernandez was made to move. To another home in the same neighborhood.

Plus Lang said DCF couldn't do anything because Hernandez wasn't the girl's bio father or guardian. All four of these imbeciles need to pay for this case. Firing isn't good enough, and to my knowledge Lang still has her job. They need to be prosecuted and put in jail. All of them for what they did caused an innocent girl to die. A social worker has been prosecuted in Florida before, its time for it to happen again plus one lawyer. Justice for Michelle Fontanez won't be complete without it.

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