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Friday, June 23, 2006

More Golf World follies

The golf weekly continues with its dumb coverage of professional golf.

The cover- Guess who's featured there this week? If you said anyone but US Open champ Geoff Ogilvy, you're right. It's Phil Mickelson holding his head in his hands after double bogeying 18 last Sunday.

A person wins a major golf championship and that's not worthy of being featured on a golf magazine cover? Only in the hopelessly inept minds of GW's editorial staff.

US Women's Open preview- Consited of a three-page article on Annika Sorenstam and her US open play. I know the main focus of GW was Winged Foot last week, but this is a bad joke. Annika is just one player in the field. This is no more a preview than TFM is Jack Nicklaus. Try again Brian Wacker and Ron Sirak!

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