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Friday, June 23, 2006

Missed by that much

Go see this cached webpage from the St. Pete Times website.

Unbelivable right? Here was the URL for this, but the Times took the article down. Public humiliation by alert bloggers will do that. Don't these people remember what happened to Dan Rather?

Maybe the Devil made The Times do it. LOL, Satan wrote the article then hacked into the St Pete Times website.

No I got a better idea. The Times wanted to get one of my knucklehead awards. See I been generous giving them to Florida newspapers- The Bradenton Herald, Tampa Tribune and Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Sun-Sentinel, The Florida Times-Union, Miami Herald, and that perennial winner The Palm Beach Post.

A former Times columnist won a Knucklehead. Except it was for what Ms. Vivinetto did outside the paper.

See the Times felt left out and wanted to feel that love only TFM could give them.

I'm sorry to disappoint The Times. Tomorrow's Knucklehead has already been chosen. A stolen parody loses to publishing classified information on page one.

Sorry about that Chief.

Try again St. Petersburg Times. One day you may just be a winner. Or is that a loser?

The St. Petersburg Times is today's MSM joke of the day.

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB who remains one of my favorite bloggers
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