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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen. Read the first paragraph of Mr. Cohen's column from Tuesday.

It is the sheerest luck, I know, that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales looks (to me) a bit like Jerry Mahoney, because he fulfills the same function for the Bush administration that the dummy did for the ventriloquist Paul Winchell. At risk to his reputation and the mocking he must get when he comes home at night, Gonzales will call virtually anyone an al-Qaeda-type terrorist. He did that last week in announcing the arrest of seven inferred (it's the strongest word I can use) terrorists. I thought I saw Dick Cheney moving his lips.

How brilliant. You compare an Attorney General to a ventriloquist's dummy. This guy writes for one of the biggest papers in the country?

Let's just change things a little. If Cohen did the same to a Democratic AG who happened to be hispanic................We all know what would happen. Cohen would be laughed out of town after the 'racist' uproar subsides.

See its alright for liberals to attack Republican minorities. Anyone remember my hometown paper, The PB Post's political cartoon of Clarence Thomas as an Antonin Scalia handpuppet? Hate does terrible things to a person. It fogs their judgment and Cohen has clearly lost it. He hates Republicans so much, Bush in particular, that he has to resort to the above.

Poor man, I hope he gets help for his disease. But first, I make Richard Cohen today's Knucklehead of the day.

Additional note- I read Mr. Cohen's column in yesterday's PB Post. Today when I went to the WPO website to locate the column, it wasn't on Cohen's column page. I had to do a search of the WPO's website to locate it.

Could the Washington Post be ashamed of what Mr. Cohen wrote?

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