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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is that a crack she sees?

No, I don't think so. It's just Jeong Jang staring in awe at the trophy symbolizing the second LPGA tournament she has won time. JJ or 'The Little Giant' as she is affectionately nicknamed, won the Wegman's International today by one shot over Brittany Lang.

There is something about Jang and her trophies. Last year she looked as if she was balancing one on her head after winning the Women's British Open.

For those keeping score at home this is the 4th straight win by a South Korean on the LPGA tour this year, and 8th overall. Eight different players too. That makes it ROK 8, Annika 1 if the Palm Beach Post is bothering to keep score anymore.

Great going JJ and just in time for this weekend's US Open. She finished 5th in the 2003 US. Jeong likes tough courses it seems. I would be dumb to leave her out of this week's Pakpicker selections. You never know, JJ may have another trophy to examine in a week.

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