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Friday, June 23, 2006

Florida the rules are different here Chapter XXX

Maybe they should rename it the demolition board. Some news from today's Palm Beach Post.

LAKE WORTH — A builder who accidentally demolished a historic house in Lake Worth was appointed last week as an alternate member of the city's planning and zoning board, which doubles as the historic resources preservation board.

Vincent DeVito, owner of Kingdom Construction Corp., was appointed by the city commission with a 3-2 vote. Mayor Marc Drautz and Commissioner Cara Jennings dissented.

DeVito will serve as second alternate, which does not allow him voting privileges unless two board members are absent.

Still, the appointment frustrates residents who are concerned that a builder will not take historic preservation into account when approving new development or restoration in the city's 11 historic neighborhoods.

"I want someone on the planning and zoning board that values historic homes as much as the public does," Jennings said. "To me, that (demolition) puts into question his appreciation for historic homes in the city."

In October, Kingdom Construction told the city it planned move a 1939 three-bedroom house from 209 S. Federal Highway to the corner of Third Avenue South and Federal Highway. Instead, the company demolished all five structures on the property.

After the incident, DeVito openly accepted responsibility and paid a $39,000 fine. He plans to open a 20-unit townhouse complex called Tuscany Square within a year.

Responding to his critics' concerns, DeVito said he applied to the board so that he could foster more-productive restoration that also would allow for new development.


Commissioner Dave Vespo, who voted for DeVito, said he believes in second chances.


Vespo said he felt it was important to have a builder on the board as a person who is familiar with the city's codes.

"He is a builder in the truest sense of the word," Vespo said. "Nothing will go over his head or sneak past him."
LOL Mr. Vespo. A builder who demolishes a historic home, and you put him on a preservation board? Then its said that to create one must destroy first.

What is Devito doing on this board after last year's debacle? There are certainly other builders in Lake Worth. The Lake Worth City Commission sent out the wrong message with their vote. The board is now a joke and this is standup comic material.

You got to love Florida.

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