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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Florida Double Standard

Here's some news from today's Tampa Tribune.

TAMPA - Capping a lengthy review, police on Friday fired two officers, demoted a sergeant and reprimanded three others - including a major - saying a former street anticrime squad's sex talk and juvenile behavior created a hostile work environment and put colleagues at risk.

Internal Affairs documents released in February found that Officers David Duncan, Ryan Sigler and Gregory Cotner had violated the department's sexual harassment policy and standards of conduct. The documents also criticized their supervisors, Cpl. David Watt and Sgt. Gene Strickland, for not reporting the matter to Internal Affairs.

On Friday, after months of discussion about discipline, the department fired Duncan, 28, and Sigler, 24. Cotner, 30, received an eight-day unpaid suspension. Records show that Duncan and Cotner joined the department in December 1999, and Sigler, in February 2003.


Investigators who interviewed current and former squad members discovered that Duncan, Sigler and Cotner joked daily about sex and bodily functions, at one point using Cotner's cell phone to photograph a penis and watching a lewd video on Sigler's personal data assistant during roll call, documents show.
From what's in the Tribune, these men deserved to be fired. Their behavior is totally unprofessional.

Compare it to this recent story.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — A Circuit Court judge accused of having pornographic images on his work computer and using improper conduct toward two female lawyers could remain on the bench until his term expires in January.

According to a plea deal posted on the Supreme Court Web site, Judge Brandt Downey, 60, could remain on the bench until his term expires Jan. 1 2007. Downey previously announced his intention to retire then.

The deal was reached with the state Judicial Qualifications Commission and which must be approved by the Florida Supreme Court.


The agreement would not allow him to serve as a judge in Florida again. He must also sign a letter of apology to his fellow judges and the public, remain in psychological counseling and appear before the Florida Supreme Court for a public reprimand.

If the Supreme Court rejects the settlement, his admission of guilt will be withdrawn, and a trial on all charges would be scheduled before a commission hearing panel.

The commission charged Downey in December with habitual viewing of pornography from a courthouse computer, failure to disclose a juror written communication, and improper contact and communication with a female attorney.

As part of the deal, the commission agreed they will not prosecute the two latter charges.
Isn't this a double standard? A judge gets to retire, two police officers get fired. They all work in our law enforcement system. Why didn't they get treated the same? Judges think they're above the law, and I will say it again. A revolution will come one day when one judge too many puts a predator back out in the streets and a child or children die. The public outcry will be enormous. Remember I said it first.

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