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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Donated car for shooting victim.

A nice little local story-

WEST PALM BEACH — A 16-year-old girl peeked out her front door and saw a Dodge Neon with a big pink bow and a throng of reporters.

Brittany Haines gingerly stepped out, picked up the keys and mouthed, "thank you."

She barely glanced at the car before she ducked back inside. She's too embarrassed to be photographed. Too shy to talk about it.

Sure, she's happy that community activists and car dealer Arrigo Dodge gave her Wednesday the Neon she was saving for. But she is mostly happy to be alive after she was shot in the chest April 9 while working as a clerk at a Subway restaurant. The alleged shooter, 13-year-old Francis Talleyrand, and his accused accomplice David Lane, 24, have been charged.

Brittany's sister Shakina Haines, 19, said that outside of the camera's view, Brittany broke down in tears. She was so elated, but too shy to express it.

Haines said Brittany spends a lot of time at her home on the 1400 block of 13th Street, but is feeling much better.

"She's still the same person," Haines said. "I treat her the same, just as she was before.... I did cry at first, but something stopped me and I was like, 'She's gonna be all right.' "

Brittany is a girl who loves Hello Kitty and decorated her bedroom and a bathroom in its honor, Haines said. She loves to do hair, but plans to accept a full scholarship offered to her by the Medical Careers Institute. Haines is a student there.

The car donation was organized by Bishop Thomas Masters, who delivered the vehicle along with the dealership's owner and general manager, brothers John and Jim Arrigo.

It is a black 2003 Neon, worth about $6,500, John Arrigo said.
First I wish Brittany a speedy recovery.

Justice needs to be served if Francis Talleyrand is found guilty of shooting Brittany. I don't mean time in juvenile detention either. Talleyrand has clearly shown he has no regard for human life and is a menace.

Kudos to the Arrigo brother, Bishop Masters and all who contributed towards the car for Brittany. Your generosity will be repaid one day.

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