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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another golf(hack) writer

His name is Ted Hutton and he writes for the Sun-Sentinel.

Kim, 24, turned professional in 2000 and spent three years on the Futures Tour before qualifying for the LPGA Tour in 2004. She came to Colorado having made the cut in nine of 33 Tour events, with a tie for 19th her best finish.

That's Birdie Kim that Mr. Hutton is referring to.

Now lets go here-

5/15/2005 Chick-fil-A Charity Championship 07T 69 73 69 69

See that wasn't hard to find. It's Birdie's Player Performance link at

Oh read the headline for the story-

Pressel has been steady since disappointing U.S. Open

Wrong! In Morgan's last six starts she has-

Missed Cut
Missed Cut

That is erratic not steady play. I can't blame Mr. Hutton for this stupidity but a Sun-Sentinel Sports Headline Writer.

Just more examples of carelessness and non-existent fact checking by the Sports and Golf MSM. I'll keep chronicling it. Remember, bloggers aren't journalists as I was told by a PR Agency used by the LPGA.

Who's kidding who?

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