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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

None at all?

This story leaves me wondering.

A freak accident in Wellington killed one worker and badly burned another.

The men were doing tile work at a home when a piece of their equipment sparked an explosion.

Only one man made it out alive after the two were using a laquer thinner to remove a tile finish at a Wellington Ranch.

The other was catapulted out a window by the blast.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says the two did have the windows open for ventilation, but that wasn't enough.

Investigators believe the vaulted ceiling in the one room may have kept just enough fumes inside.

The fire died soon after the fumes were sucked up by the flames.

34-year-old Tim Grant of Broward County died in the explosion.

41-year-old Tony Andrews also of Broward county was transported to the Jackson Memorial Burn Center in Miami.

Wellington to Miami Jackson hospital is 65-70 miles.(my sister-in-law works there and used to have an apartment directly across the street from it) Does that mean a county of 1.24 million people doesn't have a burn unit? There are 17 hospitals in this county. That doesn't include Broward County that's between Palm Beach and Miami-Dade. I'm not just reacting to this story. There was another story a month ago where a burn victim was transported to Miami.

If there was ever a major disaster involving fire here......

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