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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Florida the rules are different here Chapter XXV

Would you believe middle schoolers coming to class wearing their pajamas? I guess it beats wearing their underwear on the outside. Kids do the craziest and or dumbest things. TFM does remember his childhood.

Eleven students were sent home by Broward County Schools for pulling this stunt. They won't be allowed back today either. School is almost over down here and its final exam time. I understand the schools needing to take action, but if these kids are held back because of not taking their finals, that would be compounding stupidity with more stupidity. A Broward School Official said it would not affect these studen'ts grades. Disciplining these kids when the next school year begins is the proper course of action.

Why these children were allowed to go to school as they did is beyond me.

Life in Florida, you got to love it.

Open Post- Bright & Early, Outside the Beltway,

HOLLYWOOD -- And now for the final lesson of the academic year: Before you go to school, get dressed.

Stephanie Yasman, 14, and 10 of her classmates at Apollo Middle School learned it on Wednesday when they showed up wearing pajamas.

School officials were not amused; the students were promptly sent home.

They'll be home again today, the last day of classes, and will not be able to take their final exams.

"We've been waiting to do something fun," said Stephanie, an eighth-grader who wore baggy pajama pants with a newsprint design.

"We thought it was going to be just a couple of friends," but more students than she expected were in on it, she said.

Wednesday was casual day for eight-graders who donated school shirts for next year's class, Stephanie said. But pajamas were apparently too casual -- and a violation of the school's dress code.

Nadine Drew, a Broward School District spokeswoman, said about 11 students came to school in pajamas and slippers and that the principal notified parents to pick them up Wednesday morning. Parents were also told the students should stay home today.

"They won't have a suspension on their record," said Drew, who said the grades they would have received on their tests would not be factored into their final grades. "But they were in violation of the dress code in their pajamas and slippers."

Stephanie's mother, Faith Yasman, said she feels the punishment was too harsh, especially because students were supposed to take language arts, math and science finals today.

"I don't condone what my daughter did," she said. "But how do you suspend that many eighth-graders, who are going on to high school and need to take their exams?"

After learning she would be sent home, Stephanie said she contacted a neighbor, who ran over to the school on Arthur Street with a pair of jeans for her to change into.

It was too late.

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